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Sustainable Packaging

Product sheet

Challenge for the industry today
With vast numbers of interpretations of key terms, such as
“sustainability” “bio-materials” and “recycling”, it is
challenging to choose the right path forward no matter
where you are in the packaging value chain.

Adding on to the complexity are local and global
differences in legislation, waste stream collection,
recycling setups and consumer behaviors.

Service and Approach
AFRY works with the entire value chain of packaging –All
the way from setting a sustainable strategy to the reuse
or recycling of packaging materials.

We are truly independent – from suppliers to materials and
can give you the best advice for your needs!

Whether your need is to develop a strategy, a new
packaging, streamline your current setup or a speaking
partner, AFRY has the expertise you need.

Expected Outcome
Raised level of understanding and decision making on
sustainable packaging with expected results, such as:

  • Transfer to sustainable packaging materials and
    a reduction in the usage of non-sustainable
  • Optimized and more efficient transport
  • Fulfilment of legal and market requirements.
  • Increased competitiveness.

Every step counts when the goal is enhanced sustainability!