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Packaging Value Chain Analysis

Product sheet

Challenge for the industry today
The value chain is built on a number of steps that all
interact with each other, more or less. Even minor changes
in one step can cause large, sometimes unexpected,
changes in other steps.

Failing to see and understand these relationships can
potentially result in bad decision making and an inefficient and
not sustainable packaging supply chain set up.

Service and Approach
AFRY has a long experience from working with the
packaging value chain. Based on your needs, whether it is
a large value chain review or an in depth spot analysis,
AFRY can set up the team you need, with cross functional
resources spanning needed areas and technologies.

To our help we have tools like:

  • Lectures and workshops
  • LCA
  • Strategy development
  • Material knowledge
  • Test labs

Expected Outcome
Increased understanding of the steps and interaction
within the packaging value chain and decision making
based on facts, rather than assumptions, with results such as:

  • Material selections with optimized performance
    throughout the value chain.
  • A sustainable packaging supply chain.
  • More cost effective and efficient packaging value chain.
  • Increased competitiveness and profitability.